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Our office is located at the corner of Noll
Drive and Rohrerstown Road.  Our
entrance is directly across from Stauffer's
of Kissel Hill's Entrance on Noll Drive.  As
you enter our drive there are 3 buildings
and we are located in the building on the
right marked 2150 over the entrance.

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We pride ourselves on having an office that is
inviting, non-threatening, and functional.  Our
waiting room features a “General Play Area" and a
separate area designated just for "Well-Children"
here for checkups. 

When we built the office we decided to go with an
animal theme because animals are timeless. 
Children of all ages love animals.  And since we
follow many families from birth till college it is
important to us that all our patients feel
comfortable in our office. 

You will notice that each exam room features it own
theme with a country map and corresponding
animals that live it that country.  Not only is the
theme fun but it is educational teaching children
the area of the world each animal lives in.

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